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Recently, Chrisander Technologies visited with United Caps Ireland, located in Greystones Co. Wicklow. Our task was to install new LPG Gas lines, in their printing systems for heating polypropelene to burn off oil, but that is not all of this story.

Chrisander Technologies have a long routed history with the building and workers at United Caps Ireland. Back in the 1980’s when our family started the Wicklow Injection Company, before it became McFarlane Group and since is owned and operated by United Caps, this was our stomping ground. It was a trip down memory lane for us and when my father walked in, he saw a lot of the same machines still operating and a lot of the same faces still operating the machines. After we complete the work, my father went home and found some of his old photo albums from that era, including a lot of the faces we meet recently at United Caps and some who have moved on. This project was a brilliant reminder of how far we have come, but also where we stared and how we got here.