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Heating in the summer and temperature controlled air conditioning in the winter might seem odd to you, but for us, it’s sometimes a part of the job.

This year, on request from a client, Chrisander Technologies implemented a special heating system to look after the most wonderful of animals – Snails.

Part of the project was to figure out how to create a source of heat and a source of cooling remotely, in the middle of a field of a working farm. So we trenched electricity and plumbed a water source underground about 800 meters from a source on the farm to a packaging container, which was also modified to work as a secure grow house.

This container was modified to have it’s own power, for providing either controlled or rapid source of heat, or alternatively, a rapid source of air extraction or cooling as needed, depending on the environmental temperatures and humidity. We installed an Air Conditioning unit central to the container, for complete control.

At the end of the container, we added a purpose built shed to control the oil heat source, with a trustee Aga boiler powering the system of heat for both the container and the green house near by. We then installed a run of Qual-PEX piping from the shed, trenched underground to the greenhouse, wrapping around each bed for the snails to keep at their ideal temperature.

Overall, this project was both physically and intellectually a fun challenge, and it’s great to look back on and think of the challenges we faced and overcame to make our client happy.

We hope you enjoy the images in the gallery below.