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Heating and Ventilation

Whether you are trying to heat an industrial premises or ventilate a dining area, there are numerous ways and means of doing this. Chrisander Technologies has expertise in :

  • Advice on suitable products available
  • Provision of costings and budgets
  • Professional installations
  • Servicing and maintenance


How Can Chrisander Help You?


Chrisander Technologies have our own dedicated & experienced burner & combustion engineers that install, maintain & repair all different makes & models of Gas/LPG & Oil fired burners & combustion appliances.

To ensure the prolonged efficient service life and safety of any boiler or burner, regular servicing is essential. Servicing an appliance correctly normally entails stripping down the component parts of the ignition assembly, burner assembly and heat exchanger for inspection and cleaning. Any damaged or consumable parts such as fuel nozzles are replaced once costs are agreed with the client, and following this, reassembly to manufacturer’s specification is completed. Analysis and any necessary adjustments of the combustion or fuel parameters are carried out using calibrated equipment to ensure compliance with flue emission guidelines, to maximise efficiency and ensure safe operation.


Ventilation is the process of “changing” or replacing air in any space to provide a higher quality of air.  It can be used to control temperatures, reduce moisture, keep interior building air circulating and prevent stagnation of interior air.  Ventilation can be achieved by simply creating vent locations in exterior walls or in more detailed scenarios, mechanical systems can be introduced to force fresh air through ducts and circulate through the required areas.


Chrisander Technologies have experienced engineers that can both service existing systems or for new installations, advise on the numerous different means and methods of ventilating buildings and areas.