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The world of facilities management is ever-changing, as global organisations become more creative. The aim is to develop a workplace that enables workers and teams to be productive in wonderful surroundings that get ideas flowing.

Facilities Management is making advances in the workplace and how it shapes the people and their organisations. Technology is at the centre of this change, with new ‘superbuildings’ such as Apple Park in California leading the way.

The Apple Park Campus is due to be completed by the end of 2017 and already boasts strong green and sustainable features, with an on site, low-carbon central plant. Apple Park seems to be moving away from the current trend of tech companies to blur the lines between work and home, with the new Apple building making a clear distinction between the two.

All the top global organisations recognise that it is not only technology that is moving Facilities Management forward, but that people remain extremely important in their workplace planning. Connections between people are central to building a culture within a workplace that drives them together in a common purpose.

Facilities Management is very much part of this process and is an integral part of ensuring that this happens. The skills required in a modern, fast-moving and agile environment are as much personal ones as technical expertise and as such, networking is more crucial moving forward crucial.

The Facilities Management community in Ireland is open and engaging. People are happy to share good ideas and best practice with like-minded people.

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