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It is not possible to control the rates at which you pay for gas, electricity, etc, however it is possible to control the amount that you consume.

Here at Chrisander, we have developed techniques for closely monitoring energy consumption and ensuring that your facility is operating to its maximum potential.

In May 2016, Chrisander provided an energy report for Christ Church Delgany, The Old School & The Rectory. Please see full report below by clicking the link for the PDF report.

Click here to download the Delgany Parish Properties, Efficiency Review 2016 report

Please feel free to have a look at this report and see if this is something that will help your business premesis.

How Can Chrisander Help You?

Having consulted numerous business owners throughout Ireland, being able to remain competitive within the market place is a major priority for so many of them. Many of them have also survived by making small changes here and there, but when they add up, they total a significant saving within the calendar year, that they did not expect. Chrisander Technologies have experienced advisers that can run live energy audits to discover any unnecessary losses and extract whatever savings can be made.